Monday, December 05, 2005

Another long list of stats

Just finished the latest mini in 3rd place , 7-2+324-another rather dull tournament which included a close 1-pt loss. Record until now: 105-70(60.0%) Local record: 71-43(62.3%)

Stats for the mini:

Avereage score:404.9 pts
Average opponent score:369 pts
Ave. spread:+36
Total turns:121
Ave. turns per game:13.4
Ave. score per turn:30.4
No. of moves >30 pts -37(30.6%)-31

Bingos played:14-11
Ave. bingos per game:1.55
Ave. bingo score:77.31 pts (from 61 to 95 pts)
Record with 1 bingo :4-1
Record with 2 bingos: 2-1
Record with 3 bingos:1-0

S:18/36 (no games with nil or 4 Ss)

No. of exchanges:4 (0.44 per game)
No. of phoneys: 1

For the last 2 tournaments, I bingoed in all 25 games- 7 1-bingo games(28%), 15 2-bingo games (60%)and 3 3-bingo games

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