Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WSC2005 odds

Nigel Richards 1:5.5
Mark Nyman 1:6
Panupol S 1:7
Joel S. 1:8
Adam Logan 1:8
Ganesh A 1:8
Pakorn N. 1:9
Joel W. 1:9
Naween F. 1:9

Dave W. 1:10
David Boys 1:10
Helen G. 1:10
Jim K. 1:10

Andrew D. 1:12
Phil A. 1:12
Andrew Fisher 1:12
Cheah SH 1:13
Akshay B. 1:14
Brett S. 1:14
Sammy O. 1:14
Paul Cleary 1:14
Jeff Grant 1:14
Harshan L. 1:15
Howard W. 1:15
Allan Simmons 1:15

Steve P. 1:16
John O. 1:16
Goh JP 1:17
John O. 1:17
Gerry C. 1:18
David E. 1:18


sonic said...

interesting. Did you gauge this based on what you know of the players, or based on past statistics?

Seems to be skewed towards players from our region (no disrespect meant to them).

sonic said...

Andy Davis appears twice? or two different Andrew Ds?

sonic said...

Geary is not going, and has been replaced by Luebkemann

and I must think before I post lest I flood you with too many comments heh

Interesting stats though, enjoy looking at the odds. Think there are other top players worth considering that you haven't put in there. Nawapadol, Paul A, Joey M and Harshan come to mind.

Henry Yeo said...

Agreed about the skewedness of the post.

Wonder if you also factored in the last ABSP Masters results.

Brett finished 1st,
Helen Gipson 2nd.
Mark Nyman 2nd last.

Hubert wee said...

To a certain extent based on past WSC records and other stuff, Tony, Jim and Matt should be replaced. Mark's probably having a rare bad tourney.