Thursday, November 17, 2005

WSC 2005 Game 1 annotation: Panupol S. vs David Eldar

1 David: MENQIAR 8g QI +22 22

Best. No question about ditching the Q.

2 Panupol: VFOATEE 9h FOVEATE +70 70

Also best.

3 David: MENARLN 8l MANE +38 60

Probably best, keeping the unduplicated LNR versus other choices
4 Panupol: ETISRO? n2 sEROTINES +74 144

Not a bad play, but EStIMATOR(90) through MA is much better.

5 David: RLNIIUN o10 INULIN +23 83

Best. good dump and turnover.

6 Panupol: JNICYUT 4l JURY +36 180

Likely best, discarding the less bingo-friendly tiles.

7 David: RSHWNTE o1 WHEY +45 128

By far the highest score available, next best is probably WIN/EHRST M7

8 Panupol: INCTMID k9 EMIC +16 196

Not too bad, but I prefer MANIC. CUM/CEE/DO(27) is also an option.

9 David: SRNTTAE 10b NATTERS +67 195

Best. EMIC is not hookable.

10 Panupol: NTDIFUN c8 FIAUNT +20 216

11 David: RIDVAOI 8a VIFDA +42 237
Also best.
12 Panupol: NDPEGUO m3 PUDU +29 245
Best. No available floaters for the bingo.
13 David: RIOAHED l12 HOED +34 271
k12 OH/ADEIR is also an option

14 Panupol: GONEDEG 15g DOGGED +30 275

15 David: IARORPA j6 PARVO +24 295

16 Panupol: ENORLSE 13a ENTRESOL +59 334

The only playable bingo.

17 David: IARGLBE a11 GLEBA +27 322

BERG(30) can be considered.

18 Panupol: EOWAAYX m11 WAX +52 386
Obviously best.
19 David: EIRSCIR d4 CRIED +16 338
20 Panupol: YEOAKZB 5b KARZY +42 428

Panupol has little choice here, the sole bingo line cannot be blocked effectively, so KARZY is probably best with ABEILOORST? unseen.
21 David: SRIAOL? 3b ROSALIa +73 411

22 David: (TBOE) +6 417
23 Panupol: TBOE (TBOE) -6 422

Panupol wins 422-417- a relatively close game for both. The blanks and Ss were equally split, and no bingos were missed.


Anonymous said...

Er, is this supposed to pass off as a proper game analysis? You sure have a long way to go. Apart from making safe, 'best' comments, offer more scope on possible alternatives (e.g. ENARM vs MANE for Eldar) to invite proper debate.

If you fear making a mockery of yourself through proper debate, don't even bother starting one at all.

Anonymous said...

Didn't TROPARIA play?

Hubert wee said...

Yes, TROPARIA plays, not that it matters now. This was supposed to be a game annotation not a full game analysis, I really don't have to explain every time if the said move is best by a mile.

MVP said...

Why is MANIC better than EMIC on move 8? M is not like a letter you want to keep.